Diamond Dolls Twirling Team

Derry, PA

Attendance Policy


IX. Attendance Policy & Practice/Performance Trophy Eligibility Requirements

The following attendance policy will be used to determine eligibility for trophies:

 A)  To be eligible for the perfect attendance trophy: member must attend ALL parades/performances, in addition to missing a maximum of 3 practices all season.

B)  To be eligible for the large participation trophy: member must not miss more than 2 parades/performances, in addition to missing a maximum of 5 practices all season.

 C)  To be eligible for the small participation trophy: member may miss more than 2, but less than ½ of the parades/performances, in addition to attending at least 75% of scheduled practices.

 In order to twirl as a team, we must practice as a team.  It is not fair to yourself or the rest of your team for you to miss practices, but still come to perform.  Our practices are always at the same time.  Therefore, you should be able to plan other activities accordingly.  Attendance will be taken at every practice, parade, and performance.  If you arrive late-it is your responsibility to check in and make sure you are given credit for attendance.  We strongly recommend that you keep track of your absences too, so you know where you stand. 

**Absences accompanied by a Dr’s excuse will be excused.  **Any member, who is also a HS majorette, will be excused from the parades in which the HS band also marches, only if we see you marching with the band. *If you are involved in any school-sponsored (chorus, band, sport, etc) activity affecting only a couple of practices-see Kimberly to see if the absence can be excused.