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 Diamond Dolls Newsletter: June 2019

   New Info:

Class tuition for July will be due at the July 1 practice

July is our last month of practices for the 2021 season (July 29 will be our last practice)!  

After practices end, we will still have 2 performances left (Blairsville Knotweed parade & performance on August 14 & Derry Railroad Days parade (& possible performance) on Sept. 18.

Please make sure your child is practicing at home & continues to practice for the last couple of performances. Everyone should have gotten their child’s performance music via email.

Please make sure that your child is bringing their own water bottle, clearly marked with their name to all practices.  For outdoor practices, please make sure that your child uses the restroom before practice-when we are outside practicing, we do not have easy access to restrooms!

Derry Ag Fair performance on Tuesday, July 13. Lineup is 7 pm.  Performance time is 7:30 pm.

   Admission is $5 per person, BUT twirlers and one adult per twirler will be admitted free.

*ALL twirlers should wear their Diamond Dolls tank top, shorts (or capris) & PLAIN BLACK sports bra (if needed) BUT DO NOT wear twirling shoes, as the grass can ruin them.  Instead, for this one performance, please wear sneakers. 

***Hair is to be styled slicked back smooth (no wispy or fly away pieces) into a high CURLY ponytail.

Picture Night: THURSDAY, July 15 at the Derry Amphitheater (same place as Friends & Family). 

Pictures will be done by C&M Photography of Murrysville.  Order forms will be distributed at July 8 practices.

****Both Competitive teams need to be in full (Novelty Show) costume and all Rec teams need to be in parade/performance outfits (Diamond Dolls Tank top with Diamond Dolls shorts or capris).

Even if you are not going to purchase individual photos, we still want everyone to be in the group photos. 

Large group photo will be in the newspaper and featured on our website & Facebook page.

Schedule will be as follows:

 5:30 pm: BOTH Competitive Teams (& their siblings) individual & Small team photos

 6:30 pm: Little Gems (& their siblings) individual & Small team photo

 6:50 pm: Silver & Gold Teams arrive and ALL twirlers get lined up for FULL team photo (for newspapers)

 7 pm: FULL Team photo (All 35 twirlers), Followed immediately by Silver & Gold Teams individual 

                photos & Small team photos. (Little Gems & Competitive Twirlers can leave at this time)

(Please do NOT arrive before 6:45 pm if you are in Silver or Gold!)  We will take the large group at 7 pm, if you are late, you will likely miss the photo. Photo orders must be paid in full the night of the photos. Plan for extra time.

For ALL parades/performances: Please remind your child that they MUST stay with their assigned marching Mom/Dad or instructor until a designated adult comes to sign them out.  We will continue to have sign-out sheets at the conclusion of every parade/performance.

We will only cancel parades/performances if it is thunder storming or there is a thunderstorm warning for the time of our performance.  If there is only a watch issued, we will likely still head to line-up and leave only if conditions cause a need.  In the rare instance that we cancel ahead of time, we will TRY to email everyone and TRY to call those without email addresses on file.  There will also be a message on our home page www.DiamondDollsTwirling.com as well as an outgoing message on Kim’s home phone (724) 459-8628.

Please make sure that shoes & batons (white ends) are clean for every parade/performance.  If the tape starts to come off, it will need to be redone.  It has to be removed and cleaned at home before new tape.

For safety reasons: ALL twirlers must wear tennis shoes to practice-no sandals, crocs, etc.  If you do not wear tennis shoes, you may be asked to sit out and be counted as absent! Also…absolutely NO GUM for practices/parades/performances!!

Good Luck:

♦To our competitive teams as they compete in the team portion of the Twirling Unlimited International Championships on July 11 in Canton, Ohio!


♦To competitive members: Kenzie, Emily Main, Emily Sweeney, Danica, Haley, Maddie, Lexie, and our college twirlers: Ekaterina, Kayla, and Yelayna, as they compete in the solo divisions of the Twirling Unlimited International Championships on July 9 & 10.  Best of luck ladies!!

Looking ahead:


Blairsville Knotweed Parade & Performance is Saturday, August 14 (details in next newsletter)


Derry Railroad Days Parade (Maybe also a performance) is Saturday, Sept. 18 (details in next newsletter)